About Us

We enhance accounting workflows with AI, optimizing efficiency and accuracy for firms.






Established in 2021, we aim to become the leading platform for tax firms, offering an integrated solution that effortlessly blends into existing tax software ecosystems.

Our initial focus is to build the best platform that automates the intake of client data. We understand that without structured, accurate, and quality client data, accounting firms are burdened with unnecessary work.

To combat this, we leverage the power of software and AI to refine client data, delivering a consistently excellent client experience and a more manageable workload for the firm. Our business model is customer-centric, with pricing that aligns with the value our customers derive from Soraban. The more clients that use Soraban, the more value they receive, and this reflects positively on our growth.

Today, many of our customers use our software to drive efficiency, reduce redundancies, and deliver exceptional services. We count some of the fastest-growing CPA firms in the US and Canada as our customers: YourBottomLine, DarkHorse CPAs, Real Estate CPAs, Anomaly CPAs, and many more.

Our Values


We prioritize our customers' needs and align our goals to provide value in the long term.



We leverage the power of AI and software to continually enhance our platform.



We build trust with our customers by ensuring transparency and reliability in our services.



We foster a collaborative environment within our team and with our clients to achieve the best outcomes.


Enoch Ko

Founder / CEO

Our Founder

Before starting Soraban, I spent several years building web apps for many companies as a full-time engineer and as a consultant. After saving tens of thousands of dollars by setting up an S-Corporation in 2018, I realized that many self-employed/consultants were missing out on a lot of tax savings.

With this insight, I started a tech-enabled tax firm focused on self-employed individuals (S-Corps) and raised a bit of money. During this time, I worked closely with a dozen CPAs and learned the challenges of delivering high quality accounting services. With my technical background, | built all kinds of solution to solve this problem well (double-entry bookkeeping software, data-entry automation bots, and other internal tools) to streamline the administrative side of running a tax firm.

After realizing other firms faced similar pain points and lacked great alternatives, I saw the opportunity to build software for firms instead.

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