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Soraban simplifies bookkeeping with the help of artificial intelligence & human tax-experts.

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Meet Soraban

The perfect mix between human and artificial intelligence that makes your bookkeeping & tax filing a breeze.

Unlimited Support Unlimited Support

Maximize your tax write-offs

We empower you to maximize your tax write-offs using artificial intelligence & software we build. Check whether certain expenses are deductible anytime so you can write them off confidently.

Modern Tools Modern Tools

Avoid mistakes & fix as they happen

Our software automatically surfaces potential issues with your books to ensure you are doing things correctly. Plus, our team consists of tax-experts (tax attorneys, CPAs, and EAs) that can help you with any questions you have.

Save costs on expensive bookkeepers or CPAs.

As a self-employed, a couple of hundred dollars a month for bookkeeping doesn't make sense. We've built software that automates recordkeeping and makes doing your own bookkeeping fun, easy and accurate.

What our clients say:

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Our subscription is tax-deductible. 14 days money-back guarantee.
Basic (Solo, Sole-Prop, LLC)
From $69/month
*discounts available if new to self-employed*
  • — AI-assisted bookkeeping software
  • — SMS-based recordkeeping
  • — Personalized tax-related support
  • — Quarterly estimated tax support
  • — Single-entry bookkeeping
  • — $30 monthly discount towards a personal return
Advanced (S-Corp)
  • — Everything from the basic plan
  • — Double-entry bookkeeping
  • — Payroll assistance ($49/mo value)
  • — Prioritized support & advice
  • — $60 monthly discount towards a business tax return

Have Soraban file taxes for you

Sole Prop Filing
For filing personal returns and schedule C.
Business Filing
For filing S-Corp, C-Corp, or Partnership returns.
Sole Prop Filing
For filing personal returns and schedule C.
Business Filing
For filing S-Corp, C-Corp, or Partnership returns.
*Additional fees may apply for more complicated tax returns such as rental properties, crypto, etc.

Have any questions?

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  • How does Soraban work?

    Soraban imports data from both financial sources, automating categorizing expenses. Throughout the year, our team of tax experts and artificial intelligence review your data to ensure accuracy and assist with any needs, or questions you have. We handle your taxes end to end, while you focus on running your business.

  • I'm currently using Quickbooks. Can I import my data from there?

    Yes! We will assist with exporting your data from Quickbooks & import them into Soraban for free of charge.

  • What kind of questions can I ask Soraban tax experts?

    Our experts will help you with any tax-related questions from the decision between buying and leasing a vehicle for your business, and how to go about paying estimated quarterly taxes.

  • I have an S-Corporation. Can you help me?

    Yes! We assist sole proprietors, partnerships, and corporations. Our clients are primarily solopreneurs or small businesses.