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Modern Tax-experts for freelancers.

Soraban provides best in class tax & accounting services for self-employed individuals who are getting started using powerful technology.

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Meet Soraban

We provide best-in-class tax advising experience for the self-employed using software & AI.

Unlimited Support

Unlimited Support

Get immediate answers to your tax-related questions. Everyone has unique tax situations and timely questions that need to be answered. Soraban guides you on making tax-friendly decisions throughout the year.

Modern Tools

Modern Tools

We empower you to maximize your tax deductions using artificial intelligence & softwares we build.

Transparent Services

Sometimes you need to start with the basics. Soraban assists with the fundamentals such as creating a tax-optimized business entity and setting up payroll, in a clear and transparent way.


Our subscription is tax-deductible (up to 30% savings)
(If you are new to the self-employed)
  • — Unlimited tax questions & support
  • — Text-based automatic expense tracking
  • — Free Tax Planning
  • — Discounted Individual Tax Return
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(If you have an S-Corp, C-Corp)
  • — Everything from the basic plan
  • — Discounted Business Tax Return
  • — Payroll Assistance
  • — Prioritized support & advice
  • What kind of questions can I ask Soraban tax experts?

    Our experts will help you with any tax-related questions from the decision between buying and leasing a vehicle for your business, and how to go about paying estimated quarterly taxes.

  • Can I use Soraban with QuickBooks?

    Yes, you can integrate with QuickBooks, Bench and other bookkeeping software. We also provide the bookkeeping essentials for you to manage your business expenses.

  • How is Soraban different from traditional accountants?

    Most are compliance accountants; they aren't incentivized to help you save taxes. We want to provide you with high-quality tax expertise that, traditionally, out of reach for most people. We make this service affordable by automating much of tax advisors' work through leveraging latest technologies.

  • What kind of tools does Soraban provide?

    We are always building new tools that customers would love to automate. At the moment, we provide tools that help you improve audit safety, expense documentation, and deduction maximization.