AI-powered copilot for your tax firm.
Eliminate up to half of your staff's time spent on administrative tasks and manual entry.

Intelligent Client Coordinator

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Is your firm's admin/office manager currently overwhelmed with all things administrative? We've got you covered with our software.

Is your firm struggling with

staff and admin retention?

workload due to client behaviors?

never-ending admin work?

No problem. We've got it covered.

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Three Powerful Products

And One Seamless Client Experience, Powered by AI.


Smart, Dynamic Questionnaire

Have Soraban automate the tedious task of document collection so you can focus on running your firm.

Build Flexible Questionnaires

Auto-remind Your Clients via SMS, Email & VM.

Auto-Convert All Uploads To PDF

Track All Ongoing Questionnaires Easily

Client Happiness

Seamless Client Experience

Provide a painless experience working with your firm.

Provide a Secure, Pain-Free Login

Provide Easy Document Access

Offer Tailored Experience with Prior Year Data

Offer Best-In-Class, App-Free, Experience

Brand Consistency

Fully White Labeled Platform

We'll customize the platform to fit your firm's branding. Avoid client confusion.

Send From Your Firm's Email

Customize Theme Colors

Customize Your Domain URL

Offer Your clients an all-in-one solution


Streamlined Workflow

Automate the tedious tasks of sending tax returns.

Collect Payment Upfront Before Delivery

Remind with SMS/Email to E-Sign or Pay

Auto-place E-Signature Boxes

Auto-upload Tax Return In Portal


Seamless Client Experience

Provide a painless experience working with your firm.

Provide a Secure, Pain-Free Login

Provide Easy Document Access

Send SMS & Email Reminders

Offer Best-In-Class, App-Free, Experience


Tax Software Workflow

Remove multiple clicks in tax return assembly and delivery.

Print Straight From Tax Software

Enhance client Return privacy and security

Export to Soraban With Just A Click

enjoy instant export process


AI-Powered Tax Form Vision

Experience unprecedented AI accuracy and heighten data privacy.

Leverage industry leading tax form accuracy

Enjoy limitless scalability with AI

Eliminate 7216 consent form

Automate Leadsheet for K1s and 1099s


One-step Review Process

Work with aflow that simplifies the entire tax return review process.

Eliminate multi-click export process

Save costs by making your staff reviewers

Track All documents effortlessly

Customize tax return leadsheet

Data Consistency

Tax Software Integration

Say goodbye to tedious data entryinto tax software with our seamless integration.

Automate tax form data entry

work with various tax software and config

Protect Client Data with Bank-grade Security

build custom integration workflow

Accounting firms aren’t the most futuristic office environments, and Soraban aims to modernize them with a back office platform that brings them into the 21st century...

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Integrations and Workflow

Soraban integrates and works nicely with the various software you're already using.

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Now Available!

Safe and Secure

Our software is built using the most reliable and secure storage API, ensuring your organization's safety and compliance for enhanced protection.

SOC 2 Type I Compliance for Data Protection.

Secure base by partnering with Best cloud providers.

Battle-tested firewalls against DDoS attacks.

Secure password policies and multi-factor authentication.

Robust logging and audit trails for data integrity.

Ongoing system updates and rapid responses to threats.

Soraban is certified with AICPA SOC 2 to ensure Security, Confidentiality, and Availability controls align with Trust Service Criteria.

Insights from Satisfied Firms

employeer of Soraban

Brandon Hall


Stress-Free Taxation.

I was thoroughly impressed during tax season, and Soraban made it much easier than I expected. It's perfect because it relieved a significant burden. My staff interacted directly with clients, eliminating separate emails forwarded to me – the best part. Soraban is great for keeping everything centralized, including chats and documents.

Takenaga, Hashizu, Jay & Co, CA

employeer of Soraban

Brandon Hall


A little less stress during the season.

We're happy with the progress. The implementation help, support staff, and customization options have been great. The login options match our clients' needs. Combining the organizer and portal reduced log-ins. Personalized reminders with action links increased upload speed, allowing clients to see and act on documents in one place.

Hall CPA, NC

employeer of Soraban

Brandon Hall


Soraban streamlined submissions.

The season went well, though some clients preferred traditional methods. Soraban effectively reduced back-and-forth questions with minimal complaints, especially about access. I'd rate it four out of five. Notably, extensions were down this year because clients could send information more easily through the program.

John Craig Bookkeeping, PA

employeer of Soraban

Brandon Hall


Simplifying tax season hassles.

Soraban significantly improved our tax season, eliminating the hassles of paper organizers. No more waiting for documents or uncertainty about returns. Its ease of access made it suitable for all clients, even the less tech-savvy ones. The simplicity of Soraban streamlined our entire process.

Necelis CPA, DE

Clear Pricing

Pay only for active client engagements beyond the minimum license purchase. Only pay for clients that engage.


$25 / Return

Min. purchase of 50 / Returns



$20 / Return

Min. purchase of 50 / Returns


Collect + deliver

$40 / Return

Min. purchase of 50 / Returns



Need over 150? Complex workflow? Explore Volume Packages and Enterprise License

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Need Help?

How does it work?

Soraban provides the best client experience tailored to each client to gather tax information and documents. We then automatically convert all uploads into a bookmarked workpaper and customized lead sheet.

What kind of integrations do you have?

We can integrate with anything you can imagine that can support Zapier/, such as Google Drive, OneDrive/SharePoint, Dropbox, Box, PracticeIgnition, Karbon, Canopy and many more.
We also provide API access.

Is Soraban secure?

Our software is built on one of the most credible and secure storage API from Amazon Web Services. Soraban's currently SOC 2 Type I certified to ensure we're adhering to strict security standards. If you have any specific questions, please reach out to us and we'll be more than happy to assist.

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