Help Center

Getting Started

How to get started using Soraban (using test clients).

Login and Password Reset

How to login to Soraban and reset your password.

Activity Logs

How to use activity logs as audit trails.

Adding an Entity

How to for add a new entity under a client that was already added.

Adding Entity Owners

How to add a new owner or spouse to an entity.

Completing a Questionnaire

How to complete a questionnaire on behalf of your client on a desktop computer.

Customizing Templates

How to customize questionnaire templates for clients.

Due Dates

How to set, modify, and remove due dates for questionnaires & follow-up tasks for clients.


How to message clients directly through Soraban.

Sending Tax Filing Organizer

How to send a filing organizer & a useful checklist before you do so.

Sending Templates & Open Items

How to schedule and send templates.


How to use our document storage features.

Client Inactivity Control

How to use set clients to 'inactive.'

Client Security Options

How to enable password-free sign-in for clients.

Client Tags

How to use client tags.

Email Integration

How to integrate your Outlook email or Gmail in Soraban.

Email Notifications

How to change your email notification cadence.

Enabling Out of Office

How to turn on Out of Office feature.

Firm Groups

How to implement Firm Groups for your firm.

Internal Notes

Hw to use the internal notes feature.

Mass Emails

How to batch send emails to clients through Soraban.

Overview Options

How to customize your Overview page.

Primary Contact

How to change the Primary Contact of an entity.

Suggested Task

How to use our Suggested Task feature to streamline your workflow.

How do I transfer documents from ShareFile?

How to migrate to Soraban from ShareFile.

How do I export my client list from ATX?

How to export your client list from ATX as CSV to import into Soraban.

How do I export my client list from Drake?

How to export your client list from Drake Software.

Help Center

Everything you need to know about Soraban