Suggested Tasks

Suggested tasks is a feature we’ve implemented to allow you to view & take actions on items that need your attention. It can also help reduce the time you spend on Soraban.

Once clicked, you can either take action or click to open the relevant items. For example, viewing questionnaires not yet started by client, you can contact the client by phone or email, or send custom reminder messages to selected questionnaires.

Some of the tasks will bring up:

  1. Questionnaires that were sent more than 2 weeks ago & have not been started by client
  2. Questionnaires that were not recently edited by client
  3. Questionnaires that are due soon
  4. New Notes on questions from the past week
  5. Staff messages that may contain a question with no reply over a week
  6. Client messages that may contain a question

Feel free to give us suggestions!

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