On Soraban, every entity has a separate folder with their documents. You can click the folder to navigate or click the file to preview or download (for unsupported file types). Use the icons in the top right to upload files and create folders.

By selecting the actions icon on the right, you can rename, move, copy, delete, and download files.

Currently, there is a 50mb limit on the documents uploaded on Soraban. However, if you need to upload something more extensive, send us the Google Drive link through the chat bubble on the bottom right, and we can upload it for you.

You can also do batch actions by selecting folders & files then clicking the action button on the top right.

If you add the tag "STAFF ONLY" to a folder or file's name, the folder or file will be hidden from the client's view.

Here are a few extra features & limitations to keep in mind regarding documents:

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