Transferring from ShareFile

Switching document storage can be stressful and could take a while. Don't worry! Just follow specific steps below to give us access, and we'll take care of the transition for you!

1. Log in to ShareFile and click Browse Employees under the People tab on the left.

2. Click Create Employee on the right.

3. Fill in the first name, last name, and email as the picture below:

4. For User access, you can deselect all access, except for Access reporting if you want us to get the client list from ShareFile (name and email).

5. For Folder access, select Copy Folder Access from Existing User and enter in your email. This will allow us to copy all the files you have access to. You can select Assign Folders if you want to copy over selected clients. Next, click Create & Continue.

6. Lastly, click Notify. Give us 1-2 business days to transfer all your folders and files into Soraban, and we'll let you know you can take us off the employee list!

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