Sending Templates

You can send the pre-made templates to your clients by clicking the New Questionnaire icon on the Overview page (when on the All Questionnaires tab).

Next, select Template.

Select the entities that will receive the template and which template you want to use. (Note that there is no limit to how many entities/individual clients you can email at once, but it will be slower to send with many recipients.)

You can click Schedule Questionnaire box if you want the template sent on a future date or be a recurring template - this will be discussed below. The year you select will specify which folder all the files uploaded through the questionnaire will go (ie. the 2021 folder, the 2020 folder, etc.).

The due date will be shown to the client, and reminders will stop if it is past the due date. After selecting the template, you can also select which sections you want to include for the template you are sending out.

After you have filled out the template, Click Send Templates.

Scheduling Templates

Sometimes you want to send the template on a different date or have the template sent every month or every quarter. In this case, you can click the Schedule Questionnaire checkbox and select the frequency, send date (initial send date if reoccurring), and the days until due.

Sending Open Items

When you only need specific items or have only a few remaining questions left for clients, you can send open items. Click the plus icon, as if you were creating a new template, but select the Custom button instead.

Select the entities you want as your recipients, names for the open items (to give clients context), year (to specify the folder responses will be filed in), a due date, and the items. Then, choose Upload or Short answer for the type.

You'll be notified once the client submits their open items. If the clients choose to submit one and put ‘answer later’ on all other questions, a form with the 'skipped' open items will automatically be created.

Customizing Upload Items

If you toggle the Customize button on, you can specify which documents you want the client to upload. This will override the original file names so that they are more easily identifiable to you when client uploads them.

Previewing Open Items

You can also preview open items by clicking Preview Open Items at the bottom of the pop up.

You can also click Upload to see what the client will see when uploading files.

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