The Checklist

Before sending out the organizer to your clients, make sure you've completed the list below or have discussed them with our team.

If you've missed any of the steps above or aren’t sure if you've properly completed them, ping us through the chat box in the bottom right corner of our platform or email us at

Send a Test Questionnaire

As a final check for all the above steps, please add a test client with your personal email and send yourself a test questionnaire. Follow the steps below to complete this test run.

How to Send the Questionnaires to Your Clients

  1. After logging in, make sure you are on the All Questionnaires tab of the Overview page.

  1. Click the New Questionnaire icon on the top right.

  1. Click Template.

  1. Under Send to, Click Individuals in order to select only individual entities. Select the template you want to send, as well as the correct tax year. You can also also change the Due Date so that the client will be automatically reminded until the due date. Lastly, select Make Uploads Optional (in order to let the clients submit without all the documents uploaded) and Include Prior-Year (if you have uploaded the prior year document checklist for your clients). Click Send Templates.

That’s it! You can now wait for notifications (email & in-app) to roll in as your clients submit their questionnaires. You'll also be able to reply to your clients if they send you secure messages through Soraban.

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