Here's a brief overview of the 2 options you have around client security: passwordless accounts and passworded accounts.

Passwordless accounts:

Passworded accounts:

Our Security Suggestions:

How to Enable Passwordless Sign-In

Here's how you can enable passwordless sign-in for a client.

Once you send a questionnaire to this client (can be an open item or reminder), the client would receive the following email (with your firm's white labeling), where they can click a link to automatically sign in and redirect the client to the questionnaire. For security purpose, this link expires after 1 hour.

If the above link is expired, it will show 2 options for the client to continue.

If client selects "Send new link to email", a new link will be sent to the client's email. This link also expires after 1 hour.

If client selects "Send verification code via SMS," we will send a 6-alphanumeric code to client's phone. For security purpose, the verification code expires after 5 minutes.

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