Adding Owners to an Entity

Owners of an entity can view & answer questionnaires, access documents, and have a group conversation regarding the entities shared. Here's a quick guide on how to 1) add an owner who is another client of yours and 2) adding an owner who is not your client.

1. Adding an Existing Client as an Owner

Before you add the owner/partner, if you haven't already, be sure to add them through Add Client on the All Clients view on the Overview page.

Next, go to the entity's dashboard (accessible by pressing '/' and typing in the entity name or by selecting the entity from your Overview page).

Then, select the owner from the drop down menu for Owners. Bear in mind that whoever is the first owner in the list will become the Primary Contact.

Please note that this will also create an empty conversation with the new owners since the previous conversation might have information from personal and other shared entities, etc. Let us know if you want to maintain the same conversation and we can move the old messages to the new conversation. (The old conversation will not be deleted.)

2. Adding a New Owner

Adding an owner who is not your firm's direct client to an existing entity can be useful for giving access to a client's bookkeeper or spouse. You can do so by clicking New Owner.

After filling out the fields, press Add. This will also add the owner to the conversation, and send login information. If there is another entity the new owner does not have access to, this will create a separate conversation with the owners. Please note that this owner will not have a private conversation or separate entity.

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