In this section, we'll go over some main features of Soraban. If you get stuck at any of these steps, use the chat bubble on the bottom right to get support fast!

1. Add a Test Client

After you log in to Soraban with the credentials you received, click All Clients on the Overview page.

Next, click the plus icon to Add Client.

Lastly, fill out the test client's information and click Add Client. Quick tip: If your email is, you can use emails like and to receive all email notifications from multiple users to the primary email.

2. Send a Template to the Test Client

A Send Templates pop up should appear for the test client once you add them. For now, choose one of the pre-existing templates to send.

3. Log In and Complete the Questionnaire

You can either log off or use an incognito window to log in as a client. (We'll send the login credentials to the email you used for the test client, like the screenshot below.)

After logging in, you should see a client dashboard with the open questionnaire. Click the questionnaire that you have sent.

Since this is the first time this test account is in use, you will be prompted to choose a preferred contact method.

Fill out at least some of the questionnaire.

4. Use your Main Account to Check Progress

After answering a few questions or uploading documents, go back to your main account and refresh the table by clicking the Refresh icon. Depending on the year associated with the questionnaire you sent, you may need to adjust the year.

You should see the questionnaire you were working on with the progress.

Click on the name of the questionnaire. Then, you can view the answers and documents uploaded (you need to click individual sections to expand them.) You can also export the questionnaire to a PDF or spreadsheet.

5. Send a message to the test client

You can message your client by clicking on the message icon on the top right and choosing the conversation.

The conversation will include sending a questionnaire so the client can't miss it. In addition, you can send a message or attach multiple documents.

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