Firm Groups

Firm groups are useful for limiting access for your staff to certain offices and/or for assigning clients to specific groups.

Managing Groups

To manage firm groups, you need to have admin access in your firm.

First, go to Manage Firm through your settings.

Click on the Manage Groups Icon.

Here, you can add, edit, or delete groups.

Adding Clients

After you've added the groups, you need to add your clients. If you are an admin or have full access, you will choose the group for the client. However, suppose you have access only. to a particular group. In that case, the clients you add will be automatically placed in the same group while giving access to the firm users in the same group.

If you're using client tags, there will automatically be a client tag created with the group name.

Adding Firm Users to Groups

To add a firm member to a group, go to the Manage Firm page. Next, select the plus icon in the upper right corner that says "Invite New User" when you mouse over it. Select 'Group-based' from the Firm Access drop down menu, and then assign them to a group. The firm user will automatically gain access to all clients within the same group.

You can check the firm users' access & group under 'Access' column. Please contact us if you need to change access for your firm users.

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