Due Date for Templates & Open Items

Due dates help clients complete urgent materials on time. This tutorial will go over how to add, update, and remove due dates, our default reminder schedule, and how due dates are seen from the clients' side.

Adding, Updating, and Removing Due Dates

Templates and Open Items have a default due date of 7 days after they are sent.

You can update a questionnaire due date by clicking the Actions icon next to the questionnaire and selecting Change Due Date for a questionnaire that's already been sent out.

Update the due date and click 'Save.' Leaving it blank (mm/dd/yyyy) removes the due date.

Using Due Dates with Scheduler

You can also add a due date to scheduled templates. Instead of specifying which date, you can specify how many days the client has until the scheduled template is due. Again, you can leave this blank to disable the due date.

Our Auto-Remind Schedule

We will auto-remind the client of any templates or open items with due dates. Our goal is to aptly notify clients without annoying them. Below are the default rules. These are customizable, however, so let us know if you'd like us to adjust the schedule!

Clients' View of Due Dates

Soraban shows the due date in various notifications and areas, depicted below:

Email notification for template

Questionnaire Message in Conversation

Questionnaire SMS Notification

Due date in Client Dashboard

Overdue Materials

After the due date has been passed, we won't send any further reminders to the client. In the client’s account, the questionnaire/open items will be shown as "Overdue!" as seen below.

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