Exporting Client List from Drake

  1. Login to Drake with your credentials
  2. Click Report Manager from Reports tab on the top left.

  1. Click New Report and select OK.

  1. Specify Report title, and select Taxpayer First Name, Taxpayer Last Name, Taxpayer Email Address, Taxpayer ID, Taxpayer Cell Phone, Street Address, City, State, ZIP code, Spouse First Name, Spouse Last Name, Spouse Email, and Spouse Phone number as report columns.

  1. After saving the report, click View Report. then Export to CSV and download the file to your computer.

  1. Lastly, upload your file on Soraban by clicking Import Clients button, in the All Clients tab of the Overview page.

If you have any trouble with any of these steps, feel free to email hello@soraban.com or use the chat bubble on the bottom right of Soraban website.

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