Customizing Questionnaire Templates

You can edit the templates for the client questionnaire on the Questionnaire Templates page. You can access this page by clicking the Templates Icon on the Overview page. In addition, you should have a few default templates that you can edit or delete.

Editing the Template Name & Document Path

You can edit the name & document path of the template by clicking the Settings icon next to the template name.

Template name must be unique, and document path can use variables like {year}, {questionnaire_name}, {section}. This document path will auto-place the template in a new or existing folder. After editing, you can click Save.

Customizing the Engagement Letter

To customize the Engagement Letter than will precede the questionnaire, click the "Engagement Letter" section at the top of the page. The section will expand to show you the existing content. (In the screenshot, you can see we selected the “Tax Filing” template).

Then, click the “Edit” button below the letter to view the content in edit mode. You will see a bit of HTML lingo in there that we will decipher for you later in this guide.

From here, make any changes you'd like to and hit the "Save" button.

Click the “Show Preview”link to see how the edited letter will look like to the client. Note that you won’t see the actual client or firm name in Preview mode, you will still see placeholders ({{Client Name}} and {{Firm Name}}) instead.

Key for Engagement Letter 'Edit' Mode

Anything you see in {{}} is called a variable.

{{Client Name}} will be replaced by the client’s first name when the email sends.

{{Firm Name}} will be replaced by your firm’s name according to the firm settings. We recommend using the variable instead of typing out the actual firm name because it’s easy to make typos to the firm name.

Use <br/>  to start typing on a new line

Use <br/><br/> to add spacing/start a new paragraph

Use <b>Content</b> to bold “Content”

Use <u>Content</u> to underline “Content”

Customizing the Questionnaire

If you click to expand the Client Questionnaire, you can see all the sections within the template. You can drag and drop sections to change their order and click to view the questions inside each section. You can also add a section by clicking Add Section.

Customizing Questions and Sections

Click one of the sections, and you can either edit or delete the section or add a new question for the section on the bottom. Similar to sections, you can move around the questions to change order. You can edit or delete the question by clicking the Edit or Delete icon on the right. You can also double-click the question to open the edit pop up.

The 9 Question Types

There are 9 different types of questions you can use.

  1. Yes/No - simple yes or no question. It can be followed up with another question if yes or no.
  2. Multiple Choice - The client can select an option from a given list and follow it up with another question, depending on the answer choice.
  3. Multiple Select - The client can choose multiple options from a list.
  4. Upload - The client can upload specific items requested.
  5. Date - Client specifies a date.
  6. Short Answer - The client can provide an open-ended answer.
  7. Long Answer - The client can answer on a large text area. Suitable for descriptions and explanations.
  8. Client Entries - The client can add entries of multiple items with specific Yes/No and text answers for each entry. Great for asking for dependents with details, rental properties with details, loans, bank accounts, etc.
  9. Sensitive Information - When Client enters in, the input will be masked.

Specifying Number of Characters

You can also specify the number of characters you require for the answer by using Number of characters field. This only applies for Question Types Short Answer and Sensitive Information.

Adding Follow-up Questions

You can also follow up with questions depending on the client's answer to a question by clicking Add Follow-Up Question (only for Yes/No, Multiple Choice, and Multiple Select question types). You can select the trigger "If client selects...then ask the question below" for the follow-up question. You can add any question types for the follow-up except client entries. You could also follow up a second time if the first follow-up question is a Yes/No or Multiple Choice question type.

Customizing Client Correspondence

You can also customize the email message, in-app message (via our conversation functionality), as well as the disclaimer message for your clients under Message to Client. For email & in-app conversations, you can use variable words to customize per questionnaire/client. You can make edits after clicking Edit button on the bottom right, and then clicking Save once you're done editing.

Previewing the Template

Once you're done editing the questionnaire, you can view the questionnaire as a client, and go through the questionnaire. This is more of a mock up, so no progress can be made or documents can be uploaded.

Creating a Template Link

You can create a template link for your new clients to sign up. This link will let them fill in basic information (first and last name, email, phone number) and get started on the selected questionnaire without you having to invite the them onto Soraban.

You can copy and paste the unique link given or click Open to see a preview of what your clients will see.

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