Completing a Questionnaire

Here’s a quick guide to completing a questionnaire on behalf of your client on a desktop computer. If this is the first time the account is being used, you’ll be prompted to choose a preferred contact method (email or both text & email) when you sign in.

Once that’s complete, you’ll be taken to our Engagement Letter page – which you’ll be able to e-sign and continue.

Once you click the “Save and Continue” button, you’ll be taken to the first section. If you marked the “Include Prior-Year” checkbox before sending this questionnaire, this will be the “Documents from Last Year” section.

Section 2 is "Documents from Last Year."

If you checked the “Make Uploads Optional” checkbox before sending this questionnaire, you’ll be able to submit it without uploads. Checking that box automatically triggers our software to create file requests to remind clients to upload their documents.

After the “Documents from Last Year” section, you’ll be taken to the actual questionnaire — where you can quickly answer several “yes” or “no”  questions.

Once you complete the questionnaire, you’ll check a final confirmation box and then submit. You can customize what’s included in this box, so let us know if you’d like us to reword or amend anything.

You can also click “Document Checklist” link (below the sections listed in the left panel) to see which documents you still need to upload for the questionnaire. This allows you to upload documents more easily than having to return to different sections of the questionnaire. It also provides context as to why a given document is important.

For clients who prefer to scan their documents, you can toggle to the “Other Uploads” tab to upload lengthier PDFs. We will automatically process the document and cross it off in the checklist.

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