Client Tags

Client Tags are tags for your clients. They are entirely hidden from Clients but shared with your team members.

By default, this feature is hidden, but you can enable this feature by going to Options on the Overview page.

Switch on Use Tags, and click Apply.

By default, all clients will not have any tags. However, you can add default tags by clicking the Edit icon next to the Tags filter.

Add the tags you want the firm to use (all team members share 1 tag system and are allowed to edit the tag list).

Removing a tag in the Manage Tag dialog does not remove the tag from all clients, but it will prevent members from selecting the tag from the predefined list thereafter.

After adding a few tags, you can select the tags for the client by clicking the Actions icon on the right and selecting Edit Client Information.

You should see a selectable tags field. You can select multiple tags per client. Click Save.

You can also edit the client's tag on the dashboard page.

Lastly, tag management is also accessible through Manage Firm Page.

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