Bank-grade Security

We store your client documents in 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encrypted, and HIPAA, SOC 1, 2, 3 compliant storage.

Blazing Fast

The accounting industry is plagued with slow software. It's time to change that. From search, sending messages, and navigating around the software is blazingly fast.

Easy, Flexible Setup

Get started today without disrupting your workflow. Upload a list of your clients and we'll handle the rest. No migration required.

Best-in-class Support

We can help with everything from client import/export, training, live-support to assisting your clients with any technical issues.

Experience the AI-powered automation.

Free your staff and yourself from manual form data entry, client detail updates, and other tasks that clients don't see much value. Focus on building relationships with your clients and solving their problems, not sitting in office typing in numbers into the tax software.

Streamline your client communication.

Remove the pain and frustration out of one of the most frequent things accountants do at work. Delay send, remind later, read receipt, and sync with SMS, and blaze through client requests and tasks. Automatically ask questions to clients

Move your tax workflow to the cloud.

Move your office-only tax software to the cloud and use all your existing favorite tools and apps just the same. Improve security (e.g., automatic backup), enjoy faster internet access (up to 5 Gbs), and access your tax software anywhere, anytime.

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