Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What types of administrative work do you help with?

New client on-boarding, tax form data entry, client uploads handling, clients' missing documents follow-up, online tax organizers sending, mail sorting (scan and upload), and more.

Which tax softwares are you compatible with?

All tax softwares on the market! Lacerte, ProConnect, ATX™, ProSeries, Drake, UltraTax, CCH Axcess, and many others. More info here.

Do I need to change all my existing processes?

We're not an all-or-nothing product. You can unlock features that are best fit for your firm and only pay for what you use. We've designed the product in a way that you can start using it right away.

Is Soraban secure?

Our software is built on one of the most credible and secure storage API from Amazon Web Services. This helps you stay secure and compliant to better protect your firm and your clients. These services all comply with the most widely accepted standards and regulations like ISO 27001 and SOC 1, 2, and 3. More info here.

Is Soraban meant to replace admin staff?

No – we do not intend to replace your current admin staff. We aim tp make admin's lives easier by improving their workflow, and, hopefully, have them clocking out earlier.

Use Case Questions

What if our clients still submit paper documents?

Great question. We believe we can still offer significant value to your firm by aiding in the processing steps of these paper documents. For example, instead of manually parsing out pages related to a given form from a stack of papers a client hands you, we have a tool that will automatically identify and organize pages within a single, large upload.

Our clients don't want to be receiving automated messages. They want to be hearing from us.

We completely understand. However, everything that we send out to your clients on your behalf can be customized. We've worked to marry customization and automation as effectively as possible so clients always feel like they're engaging with your team – not a bot.