July 2021

Sending Mass Email to Assigned Clients

You can now send a mass email to only your assigned clients. This is great for letting your assigned clients know that you will be out of town temporarily in advance.

Handling Out of Office

On the Profile page, you can switch on 'Out of Office' which will let your assigned clients see that you are currently out of the office (only if you are the sole team member in the client's conversation). You can also select a team member for Redirect Notifications to, and it will CC all your email notifications to the selected team member while you are away.

This is what the client will see in the conversation. An alternative message could be "I'm currently out of the office, so Ben will be the one to respond to you back."

Adding In-line link

You can now include in-line links in the message. Just click Add In-line Link and specify the text and URL to add in the message. This will add an HTML version of the link to the message, but the link will be formatted after you send the message.

Soraban editor uses HTML language. Make sure you don't interfere with the tags that Soraban adds.