February 2022

Added more options for exporting questionnaire

View as Client Mode in Questionnaire View popup

Exported document history

Improvements in Conversation Page

Option to add specific users into every new conversation. We also added 'paranoia' to questionnaire & firm-related models so that deleted models can be restored.

Better Client Experience

We made client experience improvements across multiple areas. Firm users can now show multiple out-of-office messages to clients. We disabled duplicate email to be sent to the user if the user is a redirected user & also in a conversation. Users can now use subdomain link for all emails. We finalized the prior year document checklist to make it easy for clients to upload all documents from one place. Lastly, we disabled message reminder for messages that are more than a month old.

10X Improvements in Questionnaire PDF Export and Questionnaire Batch-send

We now allow internal links for questionnaire PDF export to be toggle-able to drastically improve export speed. Also, we Improved error handling for questionnaire PDF export.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

We addressed the following bugs: