April 2022

Suggested Tasks

We’ve implemented a Suggested Tasks feature to allow you to view & take actions on items that need your attention. It can also help reduce the time you spend on Soraban.

New Client Dashboard

We have redesigned our client’s dashboard to be more user-friendly.

Accountant Profile Picture

You can now add a picture of you to personalize your clients’ experience.

Test Client

You can now add a client for testing purposes. These test clients will reply to your messages within a few seconds and make progress on their questionnaire when you send it (as well as reminder). They will also upload a random document to the Documents page outside of questionnaire to mimic client behavior. If you include the word ‘upload’ in your message, they will attach a document in their reply.

Custom Reports

Although this feature is still in beta mode, Custom Reports allow you to upload a template spreadsheet to be filled out using client data in bulk. If a tax software is connected, you can also extract tax data such as total tax, AGI, total income, and taxable income. Read more about this feature here.

Client Activities

Client Activities is a new tab that batches notifications to view all activities by entity. This interface will undergo improvement over the next month.

Product Tour

Product tour is an interactive tutorial on how to use Soraban. You can access this from the top right drop-down menu.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

- Directly link the conversation in the info box instead of 'click the message icon on the top right.'

- Default Templates now include Simple, Basic, and Comprehensive Tax Filing, in order to fit your clients.