Is Soraban the right fit for you?

Here are talent-related issues that we've helped clients address:

  • Lack of high-quality talent that matches the firm's growth.
  • The recent key, long-term team members leaving the firm.
  • New admin hire(s) overwhelmed and/or inefficient.
  • Wanting someone eager to refine admin processes and apply the most effective tech possible.

Here are process-related issues that we've helped clients resolve:

  • Admin flooded with a ton of separate (paper!) tax documents from clients.
  • Admin mostly just sorting, organizing, and renaming tax documents.
  • Strong seasonality with the resources required to enter client data into our tax software.
  • The unmanageable flood of email notifications from firm portal and clients.
  • Spending too much time yearly, creating PBC lists for existing clients.
  • Ineffective tax organizers that clients rarely return.
  • Afraid to send an extensive questionnaire to clients in case they rather go with TurboTax.
  • Dissatisfaction with the portal and/or organizer from the tax software provider.
  • Frequent client login issues with the firm's portal.
  • Clients sending docs over email and texts despite requests otherwise.

Lastly, here are general issues that we've helped clients with:

  • Feeling operationally flawed and not delivering the service you want to for clients.
  • Wanting to focus more on serving business clients but being burdened by individual tax preparation.
  • Feeling that existing automation options (i.e. emails, auto-reminders) aren't personal enough.
  • Fear of becoming a firm of the past without the time to research the latest tech.
  • Realizing, post-COVID, you need to move into the cloud environment but uncertainty about where to start.
  • Frustration that tools on the market don't fit into the firm's existing process, instead of forcing you to follow a rigid, all-or-nothing process.

We might not be right for you if:

  • You don't provide individual tax preparation services.
  • You don't like working with earlier stage, fast moving companies.
  • You prefer physical papers and want your clients to drop them off at your office directly.
  • You want the cheapest product and are willing to sacrifice personalized touches.
  • You don't want cloud-based solutions.
  • You don't like providing feedback or don't have time to provide feedback a few times per year.
  • You don't like working directly with software engineers, designers, and founding members of the company.

Modernize Your Tax Engagement.