About Us

Why Do We Exist?

At Soraban, our core mission is to empower accountants with innovative technology, streamline processes, and deliver outstanding client engagement. We’re dedicated to driving efficiency and collaboration, ensuring that accountants can focus on their core strengths and remain competitive in this changing landscape due to the threat of AI and Intuit.

In the dynamic business environment we navigate today, Intuit, along with several other tech giants, has made substantial strides to revolutionize the client experience and redefine the realm of accounting services through the transformative force of AI. Intuit’s relentless pursuit of user-centric enhancements presents a formidable challenge to the status quo in the industry. Without proactive measures, Intuit could potentially establish a dominant position over the client base of accounting firms within a decade, necessitating a prompt response from firms in the industry.

A primary challenge faced by accounting firms is the cumbersome nature of existing systems (notably CCH, Thomson Reuters, Drake, and Intuit) and slow development specifically for accountants. Many legacy software providers have built their systems in a closed fashion and based their software on desktop applications, creating complex and unreliable cloud-based solutions, creating hurdles for firms to adopt modern software solutions. Currently, much of the critical data remains locked within outdated portal systems.

Our initial objective in our partnership with our customers is to assist their clients embrace online client experience by solving from client perspective. We work very closely with our customers to help move away from closed systems, or configure existing solutions in a way that ensures client data is consistently formatted for seamless compatibility with a wide range of modern software solutions. After we get to a strong adoption within the client base, we’ll work with our firm to leverage the combination of artificial intelligence, software, and robotic process automation to fully automate the entire process of data intake and service delivery. Through these advanced technologies, we can achieve integrations and workflows that were previously considered unattainable.

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